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Open water 2015 LP/CD
01: open water (5:20) Songtext Download (Full Version)
02: fluid (3:28) Songtext Download (Full Version)
03: half way down (5:55) Songtext

Album only

04: abstracted (4:35) Songtext Download (Full Version)
05: hunting the beast (5:25) Songtext Listen: on backstage pro
06: monkey pit (4:26) Songtext Download (Full Version)
07: ghost of paradise (4:10) Songtext

Album only

08: lucky bullet (5:35) Songtext Listen: on backstage pro
09: inception (4:14) Songtext

Album only

10: unleashed (5:38) Songtext

Album only

11: falling angels (bonustrack) (5:26) Songtext

Album only

OPEN WATER the 2nd experimentation was recorded at the X-Disclaimer Studio Kollnau (Germany)
between 2013 and 2015
Mixed by X-Disclaimer Mastered by Inguana Studios Freiburg
All rights reserved © and ® 2015 X-Disclaimer

Thanks to:

We want to thank all the people who stood by us over the years. All those who believed in us, motivated, and helped us with words and deeds. We thank fate for bringing us together. We thank our families and wives for their love and patience, and for supporting us with every breath. A special thank you goes to Heather Munro for being such a great friend and a huge part of our being. If anyone deserves thanks, it's you! We also thank Stefan Heim and Ino Gruenberg for all the years of playing and working together and for being friends. Finally, we want to thank all of our fans out there for appreciating our music and being so loyal!! You are the best!!


This is one "ZwanzigZehn" 2010 Single CD
01: fx son (4:40) Download (Full Version)
02: my solution (4:40) Download (Full Version)
03: inside (3:29) Download (Full Version)
04: forsaken (5:30)

Album only

05: [my solution I ballad]

Album only

Live auf dem Impuls Open Air "Breisach - Germany - 27. Juni 2009" DVD + CD

01: Intro
02: Fluid (Live)
03: After you (Live)
04: Question the system (Live)
05: Quit and loose it (Live)
06: Gelaber I (Live)
07: Ugly dolls (Live)
08: Holy fate (Live)
09: Monster (Live)
10: Anotherone bites the dust (Live)
11: Die (Live)
12: Bandvorstellung (Live)
13: Die (Part II) (Live)
14: My solution (Live)
15: Gelaber II (Live)
16: Animosity (Live) > auf YouTube
17: Human (Live)
18: Inside (Live) > auf YouTube
19: Get up (Live)
20: FX Son (Live) > auf YouTube
21: Abspann
Re-Beginning "First Mistake" 2008 Proberaum-Demo
01: Suo gan (Part I)
02: Under the surface
03: Nothing me
04: Lyriks
05: After you
06: Suo gan (Part II)
07: Question the system
08: Jacky
09: Monster
10: Ugly dolls
11: Father
12: Holy fate
13: Suo gan (Part III)
14: Falling angels (Bonustrack)

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> Impuls Open Air
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Thanks to: We want to thank erverybody, who supported us and make us a band. Especially we want to thank Thorsten, who givs us shelter and forum to make Musik. Than we want thank our families. To be a band and produce such a album, could only realized by the love and the support by our sweetheards. Also we want to thank all the Bands and Entertainers which inspired us and become an idol. Sec. we wont forget oure Bands in history, we grow up an learn many things to become better. And thanks goes to our parents, they watch us grow, supported us by mony and practice and also with love.

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